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Heckler’s Veto: Latest Tool To Suppress Dissent From Darwinism On College Campuses

Many Americans find their introduction to the debate over evolution by watching Inherit the Wind, a movie based upon the Scopes Trial from 1925 which casts Darwin-skeptics as constantly trying to shut down scientific discussion. Today, in 2013, the situation is very different — what Justice Scalia once called “Scopes-in-reverse.” Academic freedom is now threatened for credible scientists to teach and publish dissent from neo-Darwinian theory. I’m not talking about Uncle Joe who runs the Bible-science museum out in Montana. And I am not merely complaining about a lack of academic freedom at the high school level. I’m talking about scientists who work at, and hold Ph.D.’s from, the same research establishments as leading evolutionary biologists. Some of the most prominent Read More ›

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darwin statue at san cristobal galapagos islands

Darwin, Intelligent Design, and Freedom of Discovery on Evolutionists’ Holy Day

February 12 used to be universally recognized as the birthday of Abraham Lincoln — a day celebrating freedom. Needing a patron saint, Darwinists in recent years have converted February 12 into “Darwin Day.” There’s nothing wrong with celebrating Darwin’s birthday — if that’s what you really want to do. But in recent years the advocacy of evolution has become increasingly associated with attempts to subvert freedom. To reclaim February 12 for those who love freedom, Discovery Institute and others in the intelligent design (ID) movement are calling February 12, 2009, “Academic Freedom Day” (see To be sure, Darwin supported academic freedom. In On the Origin of Species, he openly discussed weaknesses in his arguments and declared that “a fair result Read More ›