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Checking voltage with multimeter and charging car battery with charger from home electricity. Recovery of acid batteries, resuscitate car battery. Voltmeter to check voltage level on car battery.

How Can We Positively Test Intelligent Design?

The theory of intelligent design is a hypothesis that can be positively tested. Intelligent design begins with observations of how intelligent agents act when designing things. Read More ›
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A Tale of Two Mountains

ID is in the business of trying to discriminate between strictly naturally/materially caused objects on the one hand, and intelligently caused objects on the other. Read More ›
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Woman scientist environmentalist sitting near the creek. She taking sample of water
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Does Intelligent Design Help Science Generate New Knowledge?

When dealing with historical sciences like neo-Darwinian evolution or intelligent design, new knowledge takes the form of both practical insights into the workings of biology in the present day. Read More ›
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Archaeological excavations.  archaeologist with tools conducts research on human burial, skeleton, skull.
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Intelligent Design Has Scientific Merit in Paleontology

“What one actually found was nothing but discontinuities. All species are separated from each other by bridgeless gaps; intermediates between species are not observed. … The problem was even more serious at the level of the higher categories.”1 Leading 20th Century Evolutionary Biologist Ernst Mayr Intelligent Design has scientific merit in paleontology because the history of life shows a pattern of explosions where new fossil forms come into existence without clear evolutionary precursors, concurring with design theory’s unique ability to explain the abrupt appearance of new ‘fully formed’ body plans.” Intelligent design (ID) has scientific merit in paleontology because in many instances, it can be applied to the fossil record to detect where design has occurred in the history of Read More ›