Greetings and thanks for visiting I am an attorney who works in Seattle, Washington as Program Officer in Public Policy & Legal Affairs with The Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture. Before pursuing law, I studied geology, devoting much of my time to studying evolution and conducting geological research at Scripps Institution for Oceanography. I also volunteer with a non-profit organization called the "IDEA Center," which helps students learn about and promote the scientific theory of intelligent design on university and high school campuses.

About this Website:

The purpose of this website is most definitely NOT to create a narcissistic URL with my name. Quite frankly I couldn't care less if there is a "" out there. Rather, the purpose is to have some small measure of quality control over the first hit people see on internet search engines if they have the odd desire to search for my name. Frankly, I don't update this website often and some of the material may be badly outdated, poorly written, and uninteresting.

I have written quite a bit on the scientific theory of intelligent design. Because some people respond to ID with emotion and namecalling rather than argument, I tend to be the recipient of a lot of personal attacks. Nonetheless, I try to treat all people with respect and dignity, even when they disagree with me or make such personal attacks. My views combined with my respectful approach tends to incur the wrath of a small cadre of internet-critics whose primary tactic of opposing intelligent design is to call names and engage in character assassination. I have nothing against these people whatsoever, and I am saddened that they would behave as such because it mars the debate over evolution. This website is my attempt to let people see a little about me before they see what a small fraction of angry people who have never met me and don't know anything about me say about me (simply because I disagree with their view and treat them kindly). If you're confused about why they do this, so am I. In the end, I suppose Thomas Kuhn was right when he said:

"No part of the aim of normal science is to call forth new sorts of phenomena; indeed those that will not fit the box are often not seen at all. Nor do scientists normally aim to invent new theories, and they are often intolerant of those invented by others."

(Kuhn, T., The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 2nd Ed, 1970, Univ of Chicago Press, pg. 24)

Nonetheless, Thanks for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy looking around!


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